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Our Store Designs

We build modern, responsive, and visually appealing online stores, meant to grab your shoppers' attention and get them interested in your store - leading to an easy purchase.  Our designs are all focused on your shoppers, and making sure your products are easy to find and easy to buy.

All of our stores are designed and operated to ensure a great customer experience, while giving you, the store owner, a reliable and worry-free online store.  We do this by utilizing a solid, customer-focused eCommerce platform, coupled with high-performing server technology that is fully optimized and monitored to deliver your store pages to your shoppers very quickly.

Browse the designs on this page, and be sure to see the "Design Details" where you will learn about all the features included in each design.  Also, visit the "Features Walkthrough" where you will get a real-time view of the robust functionality that each design offers. Also, a "Live Demo" is available to show you exactly how the store looks!

We are very excited to bring you a new way to envision your new store! Go to "Your Logo Mockup" to see a screenshot of the store with your very own store logo and your customized welcome message!


- WE build your store according to your needs
- WE load your store with your products
- WE deploy your store onto our servers

All you need to do is...
Sell, Sell, Sell!

Fully Managed Stores

Advanced Functionality
Optimized Experience
High Availability


the ACTIVE design

Sports - Apparel - Activewear - Footwear
Clean and easy to navigate! Great menu! Very quick response!

the ADORNMENT design

Jewelry - Cosmetics - Accessories
Includes a fancy menu, quick product view, and an advanced cart!

the BEVERAGE design

Wine - Food - Drinks
Convenient product information roll-over, a very organized catalog!

the CHEERFUL design

Toys - Clothes - Accessories
Very bright and inviting! Highlight your product line in a happy environment!


Dramatic - Stark - Impactful
Bring out the designs of your products and focus attention!

the CONSCIOUS design

Nutrition - Fitness - Sports
Active and energetic! Invoke the feeling of interaction with your products!

the CREATIVITY design

Arts - Crafts - Hand Made
This design is whimsical and artistic! Colors can blend with your product line.


Auto Parts - Dealer Accessories - Electronics
Engage with interactive search capability! Easy to find products.

the HOMESTYLE design

Furniture - Interior - Home & Garden
Ensembles and collections! Categories are easy to navigate.


Modern Clothing - Fashion - Jewelry
Timely presentation of your products. Great for the modern shopper.


Organic Beauty - Cosmetics - Jewelry
Comforting look and feel. Inviting to shop around the store!

the RUGGED design

Outdoors - Sports - Activewear
Clean category navigation. A design that takes on your store personality!

the STYLISTIC design

Fashion - Accessories - Beauty
Styled to highlight products in strong categories! A very interactive presentation.

the TECHNOLOGY design

Electronics - Accessories - Gadgets
Very traditional layout. Great for navigating many product categories!


Cosmetics - Accessories - Personal
Modern product highlighting! Great for smaller items and higher volumes.

the VERSATILE design

Electronics - Gadgets - Hardware
Mixed product lines present well! Navigation through many categories is easy.